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Every pet requires ongoing care and attention from a veterinarian in Midlothian. If you’re recently adopted a puppy or kitten or taken on the responsibility of becoming a pet owner/pet parent, it’s essential that your pet is seen as soon as possible by a reputable vet in your community. Don’t wait- timely vaccinations, medications, nutritional advice, diagnostics, and vet care can ensure your new friend enjoys a long, healthy, and happy life. Consider Animal Hospital of Ovilla for your pet’s vet care.

5 Reasons Your Pet Needs to See a Vet

1. A new pet in your household deserves all the love you can give them. Caring for any type of pet involves spending time establishing a relationship with a local vet or pet care center where the staff will get to know you and your pet and offer advice and recommendations for maintaining good health and behavioral patterns. Once you’ve established a relationship between your pet and your vet, you can more easily reach out for appointments, consultations, nutritional advice, and more as the need arises.

2. Regular checkups, wellness exams, and professional care help you stay on top of health issues early on before they become more serious problems. Skin conditions, the presence of fleas, and other such concerns are easily eradicated by your veterinarian in Midlothian when you agree to have your pet seen by a vet through an established schedule your vet provides. Animal Hospital of Ovilla is excited about getting to know your pet and providing the very best of care over the years.

3. Vaccinations are important for ongoing health when it comes to pets. As soon as you bring home a new pet, speak with your vet about setting-up a vaccination visit to make sure all shots are up to date. Our vets at Animal Hospital of Ovilla are knowledgeable about core and non-core vaccinations that will help your pet stay healthy over the years; make sure you schedule a visit to see us soon after your pet’s adoption.

4. Nail trimming and grooming are also essential pet care services, both of which can be challenging tasks for a pet owner. One of the main advantages of choosing our pet care center when you need a veterinarian in Midlothian is that we have an on-site grooming center with sedation available to keep your pet calm during grooming sessions.

5. Your vet is experienced in looking for early signs of illness. Cats and certain dog breeds are expert in hiding illness as it is a sign of weakness in the animal world. Our staff at A.H. of Ovilla can tell by the way your pet behaves whether there’s an underlying illness or medical condition that needs medication or attention.

Veterinarian Midlothian

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