End-of-Life Decisions

“It’s never an easy decision to make, but perhaps the kindest thing you can do for a pet that is extremely ill or so severely injured that it will never be able to resume a life of good quality is to have your veterinarian provide a humane death by euthanasia.” – American Veterinary Medical Association

These resources can help you decide when the time is right.
They are provided by Lap of Love, a company we recommend for those who want the euthanasia performed at their home. We can also recommend The Sunset Vets for at-home service.

There are several excellent websites that explain the euthanasia process.

American Veterinary Medical Association
American Humane Society
Cornell University

At Animal Hospital of Ovilla, we offer three options for aftercare.

1. Home burial (be sure your municipality has no regulations against this).
2. Aquamation. This method uses water to return the body to nature, resulting in a more environmentally-friendly process. You can read more about it here and here.
3. Traditional cremation. This method uses intense heat and vaporization to reduce the organic matter to dust. The process is explained here and here.

If you choose to have your pet handled communally – meaning multiple pets will be handled at the same time, and the ashes will not be returned to you – we will choose the method. Some owners prefer this because it is a less expensive option.

If you prefer to have your pet handled privately – meaning it is kept separate throughout the process, and its ashes are returned to you – you can choose the method, as well as select additional memorial items. Continue on to to see your options for memorial items.


These items are included: engraved wooden box urn, vial of fur, and ink pawprint (see pictured here).
You may choose other items for an additional charge: terra cotta clay pawprint (see pictured here); or other memorial items such as different urns or jewelry here.


Your choice from these urns is included.
You may choose other memorial items for an additional charge: clay pawprint (see pictured here​); or other memorial items here.

Please let us know

After you have scheduled your appointment, please consider the choices above and let us know your aftercare decisions using the form below. Arranging this ahead of time will allow your last moments with your pet to be peaceful and without distractions.
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