Skilled Nursing Facility Belle Fourche

You are at that transitional stage in your recovery. You can’t live at home, but you don’t need hospital-level care. When that happens, contact Rolling Hills Healthcare. We are the top skilled nursing facility in Belle Fourche. Take and tour and see what we have to offer.

Roll of skilled nursing facilities

Skilled nursing facilities fill a vital roll in the healthcare system. There are patients who no longer need hospitalization, but are not ready to live at home again yet. That’s where these facilities come in. Let’s take a look at what these facilities do.

  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Intensive wound care
  • Speech therapy
  • Stroke recovery
  • Cardio/pulmonary recovery

There as so many more things a skilled nursing facility can do. If you know you need additional care before returning home, check to see if this type of treatment is right for you.

Choosing a skilled nursing facility

Since you will stay at this facility for an extended amount of time, you need to make sure you find one that fits your needs. If possible, tour the facility before your arrival. This is not possible for emergencies, but anyone who scheduled a procedure will know if they need this type of care after. If a crisis led to this need, work with your hospital to find the best facility for your needs.

If you have family in the area, have them tour the facility on your behalf before your discharge. This way, a trusted person can tell you if it looks clean and what they living conditions look like. Also, create a backup plan in case your selected facility is full.

Paying for a skilled nursing facility

As a rule of thumb, insurance will play a roll in the payment for your stay. The question is, how much will they cover. Stays in short-term care facilities such as these are part of what a doctor ordered for your care. For some things like wound care, that can’t happen in your home. For this reason, insurance will pick up a portion of the stay.

If you use Medicare, check your coverage levels prior to your arrival. Most individuals have more than one kind of Medicare coverage or have supplemental plans. Make sure you maximize your benefits. Our skilled nursing facility in Belle Fourche will check your coverage levels for you on any plan before you arrive.

Are there activities in a skilled nursing facility?

Most likely, yes. No worthwhile facility will expect residents to just participate in therapy and then sit in their rooms with no other contact. When selecting your facility, see what activities they offer residents during their stay. Your facility can plan their own or arrange transport and take those who can travel to community events.

When selecting a skilled nursing facility in Belle Fourche, look no further than Rolling Hills Healthcare. Our highly trained stage is ready to help you or your loved one with your recovery.

Skilled Nursing Facility Belle Fourche

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Skilled Nursing Facility Belle Fourche

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