Scottsdale Recovery is the single best Scottsdale rehab addiction treatment facility, thanks to our dedicated support staff. We proudly present an elite series of rehab drug and alcohol treatment options to help people fight back against active addiction’s negative influences.

We utilize outside of the box physical and mental treatment techniques to tackle addiction from multiple vantage points. Clients referred to our drug addiction treatment facility will discover long-term recovery plans and therapies.

Five Greatest Aspects of Our Prestigious Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Scottsdale

Scottsdale Recovery has several notable features, amenities, and treatment therapies worth considering. Adults struggling with addiction have turned to our welcoming treatment facility since 2007.

As we expand our services to accept more insurance providers, people will have straightforward access to effective treatments without delay. Please review the five most remarkable Scottsdale Recovery features to see why we might turn out as the right rehab center for you!

  1. Luxury Addiction Treatment – Luxury addiction treatments at Scottsdale Recovery create a balanced structure without secluding clients from outside interactions and environments. During our clinic’s luxury inpatient treatment, clients still receive therapy and around the clock care. However, we encourage clients to engage in supervised outings and interactions to promote healthy friendship building skills.
  2. Intervention Assistance – If you know someone battling addiction, Scottsdale Recovery offers crisis intervention assistance and family guidance services. Crisis intervention addresses an individual’s substance abuse without confrontation on platforms moderated by addiction specialists. Early addiction intervention prevents individuals from engaging in other destructive or harmful behaviors fueled by addiction.
  3. Staff Unity – Scottsdale Recovery employs united addiction experts who’ve often faced addiction’s grim realities. Our staff facilitates personalized therapy plans based on clients’ mental and physical evaluations. Scottsdale Recovery outperforms any other Scottsdale rehab and nearby alcohol rehabs in Scottsdale, with each staff member working together cohesively on similar paths. Therapists, case managers, and life coaches communicate and review clients’ progress to promote long-lasting recovery.
  4. Telehealth – Advancing technology has introduced new outlets for treating addiction via telehealth. Telehealth addiction treatment promotes social distancing without giving up supportive care or therapies. Our staff at Scottsdale Recovery will connect you with virtual addiction treatment experts in less than twenty-four hours. Telehealth therapies and intensive outpatient rehabs utilize the internet’s power to maintain long-distance family counseling sessions.
  5. Holistic Treatments – Scottsdale Recovery bases most recovery treatments on scientifically proven strategies, but we also present holistic healing therapies. We also believe nourishing the mind produces positive influences for the body and vice versa. Aligning the spirit, mind, and body can enhance your recovery progress to a new plane of self-awareness and growth.

Well-Rounded Addiction Treatment in Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale Recovery provides well-rounded addiction treatment for alcohol and drug abuse. Luxury amenities, gender-specific programs, and superb aftercare are standard expectations we strive for at our upscale, classy recovery center.

We’re nationally accredited by several respected commissions for our cutting edge addiction solutions. Seeking help for a drug or alcohol disorder may be the bravest and most challenging thing you do in your adult life. Let our staff at Scottsdale Recovery make it count! Please call Scottsdale Recovery, Arizona’s premier addiction treatment facility, at 1-602-3469142 for more information.

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