Optometrist Arvada Co

Optometrist Arvada Co

Optometry as a branch of healthcare practice remains relatively obscure among most people. In many cases, patients do not even know the difference between an optometrist, opticians, or ophthalmologist. Little do they know that each of these professionals has different qualifications and unique roles in helping you maintain 20/20 vision. 

While opticians mainly fill prescriptions for eyeglasses, optometrists and ophthalmologists have received extensive training in eye care and can diagnose and treat eye problems. The main difference between optometrists and ophthalmologists is that the former are only trained in eye care while the latter group are physicians that specialize in eye care. If you’re still unsure o what an optometrist can do for you, or you need a doctor of eyes in Arvada, this article is for you.

So who exactly is an optometrist?

An optometrist is a university-trained eye specialist who examines the eyes to identify any defects, injury, disease, or vision-based abnormality. In some cases, the issues they discover can be traced to problems linked to an individual’s general health—for instance, diabetes or high blood pressure. An optometrist is an essential link in the “trinity” that includes ophthalmologists and opticians. The optometrist examines the eyes for defects while the ophthalmologist performs eye surgeries to correct these defects, and the optician comes up with devices that can treat these defects.  

The journey to becoming a trained optometrist starts with getting a degree in Optometry from a university which often involves clinical training. Once the training is complete, they get registered but are expected to acquire further qualifications to become optometry specialists. All practicing optometrists are required to have a license from a designated regulatory body. So when looking for an eye doctor in Arvada, ensure that you visit an Arvada optometric center with certified optometrists.

What Does An Optometrist Do?

The average optometrists’ job is to estimate the state of the eyes, their physical shape as it pertains to the overall vision, the optical structures, and how visual information is processed. To ascertain the health of the eyes, they often do a range of things. These include carrying out eye examinations and vision tests to detect eye conditions, gauging vision, writing prescriptions for spectacles, lenses, and drugs, treating eye conditions, and offering recommendations for further treatment. They also provide pre-surgery and post-surgery care to patients where necessary.

However, while optometrists are trained to detect and treat eye-related diseases and disorders, their duties don’t end there. Sometimes, optometrists can detect the existence of other health conditions that are not eye-related. They can detect these diseases based on some clues that are revealed when they carry out visual assessments.

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