Gaming Addiction Rehab

Omega Recovery is a leading gaming addiction rehab with an integrated treatment approach and experienced therapists. We use a combination of holistic therapies, counseling, psychotherapies, and support group meetings to help our clients heal and recover from their behavioral disorders.

What is video game addiction?

While an average gamer plays for 4 – 6 hours a week, you may have a video game addiction if you spend more than six hours per week in gaming. Video games can be a fun pastime activity for players of all ages and offer an opportunity for individuals to relax and connect with friends. However, a mere video game hobby can escalate into compulsive behavior and turn into addiction without you even realizing it.

Besides, video games can cause adults and children to develop unhealthy and obsessive relationships with fictional characters and lead to mental health problems. Video game addiction can stem from other mental health disorders like depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc. If you find yourself or your loved one spend too much time in gaming, you must consider professional behavioral addiction treatment to prevent adverse consequences.

Do I have a video game addiction?

If you feel like you or your loved one may have developed an addiction to video games, there are a few ways to verify your doubt. Here are some of the critical signs that warn of the presence of a serious video game problem:

  1. Becoming more and more isolated from family and friends
  2. Lying to others about how often you play video games
  3. Playing video games in secret.
  4. Becoming upset and irritable when you cannot play video games
  5. Neglecting work or school to play video games
  6. Avoiding activities and hobbies that you once enjoyed to play video games
  7. Skipping meals to focus on gaming
  8. Not getting enough sleep and feeling lethargic all the time

In extreme cases of gaming addiction, players can experience carpal tunnel syndrome, migraines, and eye strain. Make sure to meet with an addiction specialist if you experience one or more of these symptoms.

Top reasons to choose our gaming addiction rehab

We are one of the top-rated rehabs for gaming addiction in Texas, with a highly skilled and experienced team of physicians, therapists, RNs, and psychiatrists. As a JCAHO accredited behavioral addiction treatment center, here are a few therapies that we use to address video game addiction:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy – We use cognitive behavioral therapy to help our clients address their unsettling thoughts and feelings, which empowers them to beat their addiction to video games. CBT helps our clients establish meaningful connections between their thoughts, feelings, and actions and increases their awareness.
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy – Our therapists use DBT to teach our clients healthy coping mechanisms to manage stress, negative emotions, disturbing thoughts, and maintain healthy relationships with others.
  • Peer recovery coaching – Some of our alumni clients who have successfully recovered from video game addiction share their experience and knowledge and support our clients during their recovery process.

Call us now at 512-559-7837 to verify your insurance. Omega Recovery is a top-rated gaming addiction rehab with a low relapse rate and excellent continuing care programs. 

Gaming Addiction Rehab