When a person develops a dependence on drugs or alcohol, it can rarely be overcome by family support alone. In most cases, a person who has a chemical addiction will require professional rehabilitation to complement the emotional support of their loved ones. If you or somebody you love is struggling with substance abuse in the Southwestern United States, Purpose Healing Center is here to help. As the top drug rehab center in Arizona, we have helped clients from all over the Midwest (and beyond) achieve and maintain sobriety.

A Personalized Road To Recovery

At Purpose Healing Center, we provide a clear path to recovery to all of our clients. We understand that everybody enters our center under different circumstances. We also understand that everybody requires a different level of care and attention to overcome their issues with substance abuse. For this reason, we provide a personalized treatment plan to each of our clients. In doing so, we can tackle not only the individual’s chemical dependency, but the unique and deeply personal reasons which drove them to substance abuse in the first place.

Our customized treatment plans have the additional advantage of helping our clients overcome specific roadblocks they may have encountered in previous attempts to attain sobriety. These include medical conditions, legal issues, unsupportive friends, and lack of structure. Whatever has been preventing you or your loved one from achieving life-long sobriety, our addiction professionals can provide a solution. 

Why Scottsdale? 

Purpose Healing Center is located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Despite being somewhat out of the way, our center attracts clients from all over the United States. This is largely due to the expertise of our staff and the glowing testimonials of our previous residents. However, the popularity of Purpose Healing Center can also be traced back to our seemingly counterproductive remote location. Because our center sits in isolation, residents are free from the stress and anxiety of city life. Their recovery will not be interrupted by potentially triggering people or situations.

When a patient has completed their in-residence treatment at Purpose Healing Center, they will be placed on our intensive outpatient program. This allows them to continue their meetings with our addiction professionals while they readjust to everyday life. Our intensive outpatient program is also available to those who feel in-patient treatment is not right for them. This allows our clients to overcome substance abuse while upholding their professional and personal commitments. 

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Obtaining and maintaining sobriety is never easy. However, it is not impossible. At Purpose Healing Center, we employ evidence-based treatment methods to tackle even the most serious of chemical dependencies. These are complemented by therapeutic activities, such as yoga and meditation. The end result is a comprehensive treatment plan that nourishes both the body and the spirit.

As perhaps the most affordable drug rehab center in Arizona, we accept all major insurers. If you are interested in treatment at Purpose Healing Center – be it for yourself or for a loved one – contact us today to arrange a free consultation with our admissions counselors

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