Coastline Behavioral Health has the leading drug detox centers near me in Irvine, offering patients a safe haven where they can detox and recover at their own pace. Our facility relies on custom detox to help our patients fight withdrawal and achieve a more balanced mindset along the way.

How does drug detox work?

At our top-rated addiction rehab centers in Irvine, CA, the detox program relies on three foundational procedures:

  • Clinical assessment via phone and on-site – The assessment phase relies on a clinical expert evaluating your medical status, gathering critical information about your addiction, withdrawal, and mental health disorders. The more information our rehab professionals can get about your condition, the easier it will be for them to craft a personalized drug detox treatment for immediate benefits.
  • Medication and clinical assistance – The detox program relies on patient-oriented medication treatment to manage the withdrawal, lower cravings, and stabilize the patients’ nervous system. You will receive specific medication treatment depending on your condition’s specifics and recovery needs. Our professionals will also supervise the detox process to make sure there are no complications along the way and that you progress in the right direction.
  • Therapy and counseling – Our Irvine inpatient drug and alcohol rehab centers use therapy sessions and counseling to prepare patients for the rehab procedure. You will undergo specific therapeutic procedures during the detox phase, allowing you to regain your self-esteem, emotional control, and mental and behavioral stability.

How long will detox last?

The detoxification treatment usually lasts between 5 to 7 days, but its duration may vary on a number of factors. These include your addiction’s severity, the substance you’re using, addiction’s length, additional co-occurring disorders in need of assistance, etc. In some cases, the program will go up to two weeks in length.

Will detox be painful?

Yes, the detoxification treatment will involve some level of physical and mental discomfort. It’s a natural reaction to facing withdrawal, especially when it comes to advanced addiction. The good part is that our professionals will supervise the entire process, providing you with all the assistance and care you need to recover with minimum discomfort.

Is drug detox expensive?

The cost of our drug rehab in Irvine depends on several factors, including your insurance type, condition severity, the treatments necessary, length of care, etc. If you want a more on-point quote, we advise you to contact our rehab experts for additional price information on our rehab in Irvine.

What happens after detox?

Completing the detoxification program will make you eligible for our inpatient CA drug and alcohol rehab program. From there, your rehabilitation journey will take a turn for the amazing. Our drug detox centers near me in Irvine offer premier comfort and the ideal rehab modalities in a home-like environment.

If you wish to discuss your treatment options, insurance, or detox needs, speak to our professionals at Coastline Behavioral Health. You can find us at 714-841-2260 for any queries about our treatment and recovery options. Call today, make a detox appointment, and let’s get things moving!

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