Dog Daycare NYC

If you are looking for dog daycare in NYC, consider Benterprise Dog walks. We customize our doggy daycare services to meet the needs of each dog and each dog owner we work with. Our goal is to ease your burdens and make the entire process of dog daycare as easy and stressless as possible. We know that you will be pleasantly surprised to learn just how low our prices are. Whether you want dog daycare in your NYC home or out-of-home, we can make it happen for next-to-nothing.

We Can Bring Dog Daycare to You

Because we offer both out-of-home and in-home dog daycare in NYC, we can bring doggy daycare to you. This service is ideal for people with dogs who get along well with humans but not so well with other dogs. This service is also preferable to people who aren’t comfortable with sending their dogs to a facility every day. Maybe your worry about your dog’s safety and comfort.? Whatever the case may be, we’ll work with you. You can bring your dog and drip him/her off, we can come to your home to pick up your dog, or we can bring doggy daycare to you and dog sit your dog in-home.

We Need to Meet Your Pooch First

Assuming that you want to send your dog to out-of-home doggy daycare, we need to assess your dog first (this is standard protocol for all of our services). It is our practice to meet every dog before we work with them. Frankly, we need to make sure that your dog and our staff will be safe and at ease with each other. This isn’t to say that a dog must be perfect. In fact, as certified dog trainers, we regularly work with dogs who have behavioral problems. It is severe behavioral problems that concern us, and we will not work with dogs who are aggressive towards humans.

We Can Help Your Dog Prepare for Doggy Daycare

After we meet your pooch and make an assessment, we will decide which services are best for him/her. If your dog is not an ideal candidate for doggy daycare, we will gladly work with you and your dog to provide training for the pooch and coaching for you. The saying “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” simply isn’t true. Even dogs who don’t play well with other dogs can often be eased into the pack and learn to be happy around other dogs.

Be Sure to Inform Us of Special Needs and Requests

If you choose out-of-home dog daycare in NYC, be sure to notify us of any dietary or otherwise special needs your dog has. For dogs with separation anxiety, we recommend sending them with their favorite toys or blankets or even something with your smell on it. You can call as often as you’d like either by phone or by video call to let your dog hear your voice and so you can see him/her. Benterprise Dog Walks cares about people and their dogs.

Dog Daycare NYC

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Dog Daycare NYC

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